2007 – The Viking of 6th Avenue par Robert Scotto.

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Here is one of the most improbable lives of the 20th century: a blind and homeless man who became a famous eccentric in New York, and who rose to prominence as an internationally respected music presence.

Born Louis Thomas Hardin in 1916, Moondog first made an impression in the late ’40s when his music was played by the New York Philharmonic at Carnegie Hall. His unique, melodic compositions were released on the Prestige jazz label. In the late ’60s the Viking-garbed Moondog was a pop music sensation on Columbia Records. The last decades of his life saw his evolution as a master composer for European orchestras.

Moondog’s compositional style inspired the work of his former roommate, Philip Glass, who provides the preface. BONUS CD includes compilation of Moondog records spanning five decades, containing a dozen previously unreleased Moondog recordings, including performances with Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Jon Gibson, Stefan Lakatos and Paul Jordan.

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