1957 – The Story Of Moondog.

1957 - The Story of MoondogEnregistré entre : 1956/57
à : Ney York City
Format d’origine : 33T
Label : Prestige
Ref. : Prestige 7099

Liste des titres :

01.Up Broadway The Impressions Of Moondog As He Passes Birdland And …
I. Broadway And The 52nd St. The Jazz Corner Of The World. A Dog Trot…
II. Broadway And 53rd. St. The Afro-Cuban Corner Of The World – A Bumbo…
02.Perpetual Motion Solo In 7/4 Time On Oo And Trimbas.
03.Gloving It
I. Full Fingers In 5/2 Time.
II. Empty Fingers In 7/4 Time.
04.Improvisation Piano Solo
05.Ray Malone Softshoe
I. In 5/4 Time.
II. In 7/4 Time.
06.Two Quotations In Dialogue Bebe Barron And Moondog.
07.5/8 In Two Shades
I. On The Tuji, A Series Of Mounted Sticks Of Graduated Lengths.
II. Ostrich Plumes On Skin.
08.Moondog´S Theme A Howling Wolf.
09.In A Doorway Moondog Playing On His Last Set Of Square Drums.
I. 5-Beat Rhythms 5/4, 5/2, 5/8
II. 7-Beat Rhythms 7/4, 7/2, 7/8
10.Duet Sam Ulano On Japanese Drums With Moondog On Oo And Trimbas.
11.Trimbas In Quarters
I. In 5/4 Time
II. In 7/4 Time.
12.Wildwood A Multiple Recording Containing A Rustic Dance With Chant…
13.Trimbas In Eighths
I. In 5/8 Time
II. In 7/8 Time The Maraca And Clave Are Played On
14.Organ Rounds

  • Musiciens :

Moondog : Interprète, Percussion, Vocaux, Dialogue,
Suzuko : Yukh, Maraca
Sam Ulano : Percussions chinoises
Ray Malone : Claquettes.
Louis Barron : Dialogue.

  • Informations complémentaires :

Design de la pochette par : Andy Warhol.

  • Rééditions :

1991 – Label OJC (ref. xxx) en CD *
1995 – Label Fantasy (ref. 17812) en CD *
2009 – Label Honest Jons (ref. HJRCD 106) en Double CD *
2009 – Label ??? (ref. ???) en Vinyle

* ces disques comportent aussi le disque More Moondog.