Paroles : H’art Songs.

I’m just a hop-head I’m just a hop-head, and so I’ll be, till I’m dead. I started hopping when first I hopped into bed. I took up hop scotch, which had me hopping all day; But that was kid stuff, and soon I put it away. I took up fishing, and when the river was … Lire la suite Paroles : H’art Songs.

Cuplets by Moondog

Couplets by Moondog est une série de courts poèmes. Il y en a 50 en tout. Voici 26 d’entre eux traduit par Sed Ocyan. La suite viendra certainement plus tard. 1. You like ? you like the thoughts ? you like the thoughts i think ? you do ? They’re naught to me compared to … Lire la suite Cuplets by Moondog